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Kuudere Fool

30 year old Male
Last online almost 6 years ago
Oxon Hill, MD
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Feb 03, 16 at 9:55am

Oh tell me about it! It can get pretty brutal especially closer to midterms. And thanks! That's super sweet of you to offer that. I am studying computer engineering.

Feb 02, 16 at 10:03pm

Gpoy stands for gratuitous photo of self. I just finished up some university work a taking a break until I start again. Right now, I'm not viewing any anime series simply because I don't have extra time for it. And also because I'm too busy gushing and watching Daredevil and Doctor Who when I can. I do play games! Though I normally play on my PC through Steam and BattleNet

Feb 01, 16 at 4:06pm

Good! How are you? I know right!? I feel like that cat photo is very gpoy

sakamchis @sakamchis left a comment for Kuudere Fool
Jan 26, 16 at 12:14pm

It's pretty good! I technically live in the suburbs, but it's close to the big cons like ACEN and Midwest so I love it

sakamchis @sakamchis left a comment for Kuudere Fool
Jan 25, 16 at 11:15am

Hello! I'm doing well :) I do watch Haikyuu and Prince of Stride is actually on my list!! What about you?

Sailor Amy @sailoramy left a comment for Kuudere Fool
Jan 06, 16 at 9:16am

Hi there my holidays were good how about yours? :)


I'm Cierra~! I hope we can be amazing friends also! :3

Jan 03, 16 at 9:36pm

Hey there, I'm Sarah and it's super awesome to meet you. My holidays were pretty swell. How about yours? Here's to an awesome friendship!

Tia @jadetroll left a comment for Kuudere Fool
Jan 03, 16 at 2:28am

I'm good, how about you?

Dec 28, 15 at 4:42pm

Hello~~ I'm doing good. How about you??