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Got Insomnia?

Jan 05, 21 at 12:47am
nope , i sleep very well
Jan 05, 21 at 6:13pm
This account has been suspended.
Jan 05, 21 at 6:25pm
I've had insomnia my whole life. For as long as I can remember I would just lay in bed unable to sleep. Now-a-days I can sleep anywhere between 2 - 13 hours. It's really random. I will wake up refreshed after little sleep sometimes even if it has been a streak of no sleep for the week. I tend to find it easier to sleep after I have thoroughly exhausted myself and doing things that I enjoy. Even if I seem sleepy sometimes I will still not be sleepy enough to actually fall asleep. It's a real pain.
Woke up at 4am. Now its raining and an orange cat is using me as a bed. https://youtu.be/o8ym0HBvpFA
With this bullshit again.
Mar 23, 21 at 4:01am
People sleep?
For a long time I’ve been sleeping 6-4 hrs, but lately it’s got lower to 2-5 hrs I told myself to go sleep earlier, but here I am.
I switch off between not being able to fall asleep and going through bouts of waking up way too early. I've been waking up too early for the last month. -_-
I've been falling asleep at 3 AM the past couple of days and getting up at 8:30
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