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Xinmage's Draft Notes

Sep 11, 21 at 8:37pm

This thread is for myself to post notes or reminders about various writing projects I wish to remember. If they make no sense or seem like random nonsense it's best to assume it is. Things might be from or for different subjects and have zero connection to previous posts.

However I'll know what I was on about! That's all that matters.

Sep 11, 21 at 8:45pm

-Project F8- (Intro)

Figure out how to shift focus back to characters living in island harbor. Started digressing on other characters from different continent.

Began with a solid introduction using weather to reflect tone while foreshadowing developments. Very classic writing trope. Maybe too on the nose?

Fits the source material. Probably keep that theme throughout.

*Have a large sized monster corpse block road. Delivery drivers have to deal with situation as storm moves in. Radio for back up?*

Name for character:

•Vesper = Evening star or the planet Venus. (Use as the name of a daughter)

•Leona (daughter)

•Seren = alternative to star (d)

•Sephora = Bird (d)

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