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Long Distance Relationship


I need some advise regarding long distance relationship. Cause I've failed twice already considering that I faced the same problem with my two ex's. Lack of time for each other. Feel free to comment and suggest. I would gladly take them all.Thank you

Aug 17, 21 at 12:54pm

I wouldn't invest heavily on online dating long distance. Even people living next door to you are not absolutes.

Simply enjoy the conversations you have with the other and learn what you can from the experience. People are fickle by nature. One should be proud of themselves.

If it is meant to be then that relationship will work in due time.


Maybe da problem wus that it wasn't long enuf? Have u tried interplanetary dating?

Aug 17, 21 at 12:59pm

Sounds like sabotage.


Aww thank you so much Frankenstein @xinmage!. I will take it to heart and always remind myself of it.^_^


Grill: we didnt last long
Aleph: maybe date them longer


ive tried doing long distance before, but decided it would be best to find someone irl... but if you're gunna go through with it, you need to find someone you can trust... which is hard online. i think your best bet would be to practice finding ways to be more social irl... i used to be a shut in too. but practice and effort makes perfect. if you put yourself out there, your bound to find results eventually.


Communication, any relationship that lacks good communication will fail regardless of distance.

Just express what you feel and reach an agreement on what each of you expect out of it.


Interplanetary Dating? you mean I should date someone like Picollo from Dragon Ball Z?LoL...XD
thanks for the rare comment
Kawaii Savage @whodatbe123


Lol Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7..that comment of Aleph...so hilarious...I wouldn't have done that.I'm loyal to each of them...maybe like the Girlfriend, Girlfriend?

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