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Hi, I'm a returning user under a new account. :)

I hope everyone's doing well. I'm not really sure what to write other than I am back here again in the waning hopes of finding good friends that share my interest in anime, some gaming, and maybe anime art as well. I'm not here for dating/hooking up; I'm happily committed to my future hubby. <3 But I'd love to make some friends, if you'll have me. I'm a disabled artist. I'm also a weirdo, I have my own vices and opinions that tend to be looked down on, but all in all I hope to be able to land at least one legitimate long-lasting friendship through this site. Ask me anything you like, I love questions! I also love true crime, some games (FFXIV, Golf It, Human Fall Flat, ACNH for example), animals, food, and more! English speakers preferred, thanks.
Same. Me disabled artist as well.
Welcome back. When were you last on the site? Have you posted your art on here before?
@verucassault Thanks. I can't remember. Many months ago, off and on though for years. So I might have posted it around but not much of it.
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