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Voided: Lowest point in your life~


I'm just trying to find my way out the dark, I remember many lonely nights, where I would want to die and all the guilt and shame I kept inside, I never felt alive.


"Sometimes, it's okay to cry,
it's okay to not feel okay,
and sometimes, it's okay not to smile or please people,
because the most important thing to do,
is to pour water on your own plant first instead of others,
and watch it bloom."

This account has been suspended.

So fuck your tunnels, fuck your cars, fuck your rockets, fuck your cars again
You promised you'd be Tesla, but you're just another Edison
'Cause Tesla broke a patent, all you ever broke were hearts
I can't believe you tore humanity apart
With the very same machines that could have been our brand new start

And the worst part is
I loved you, it's true
And sometimes I feel like I still fuckin' do
I lived here, I loved here, I bought it, it's true
I'm so embarrassed, I feel abused
I feel so used

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