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Any story writers here?


Ja, wrote a screenplay for one of my college classes and currently am working on another...


I'm looking to publish my first book

Sep 19, 18 at 11:40am

I've never been good at writing prose; but I've always had a love for sharing stories I thought up. I do think I have a fairly decent brain for making them, as a couple of similar ideas have since been released as successful Anime (Not to say I would've had equal success, but it's nice to know I'm on the wavelength and just need fine tuning)


I write a bit of fanfiction


Mhm! I've written a bit of everything.

Sep 20, 18 at 2:34pm

I published a novel on Amazon called split Embers. You can look it up, if you like. I warn you, the print version is better. The Kindle version has mess ups that are up the wazoo


I write occasionally. Though my writing style is a bit too explanatory, and I make no effort to change it. So I prefer to label myself as a setting designer more than a writer. I like to write stories, but mostly just to see what kind of characters and stories I could create in my settings. Its a good way to explore them when you're viewing them through the eyes and ears of a character who thinks like the people who live there. So yeah. I'm more likely to publish a D&D module than I ever would a novel. Although, I've played around with writing for visual novels and RPG games, and I think I do translate well to those mediums. (Its very different, and I prefer it to novel writing) But I still haven't completed any projects.

Sep 22, 18 at 10:45am

I realized I could actually post the cover of my book. So, here it is. I wrote this. Before you ask, no... I didnt draw the art. Before you ask, yes he was expensive lol


Indeed. Art is expensive. Still. That joy that can't be put to words when they get it right. Its so satisfying, isn't it?

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