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27 year old Male
Last online about 10 years ago
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Nothing much you?


Despite being an otaku, I'm actually a fairly smart and athletic person. I go to an all guy's school in which i am on the Crew (Rowing) team in the fall and spring and then I'm on the track team in the winter. I also play in my school's symphonic and jazz band. Often being stressed out by sports, extracurriculars, homework, and other work, I have found Anime and Manga to be a way to unwind and relax. If you try clicking view all, then you'll see just how much "relaxing" I've done. I often use anime as a way to procrastinate too. Sometimes I'm up until two in the morning, marathoning a new series then realizing I have to write a five page paper...
My favorite anime of all time has to be Fooly Cooly and my favorite manga is One Piece.
Currently, I have started watching Hetalia which has definitely made it into my top 5. My favorite character is Russia (the inspiration for my screen-name). I plan to cosplay as him at the next convention I attend.
On a more personal note, I am a fairly quiet person. I enjoy listening to others and having fun with my friends. I'm also a very easygoing and open-minded person.

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