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43 year old Female
Last online over 2 years ago
Montreal, Canada
I am an unapologetically nerdy Caribbean woman with a mixed Haitian and French background. I can speak 7 languages (3 rather poorly). I am 5'7. I have pets that I would never abandon. I love and will binge anime, manga, novels, graphic novels, and TV shows. I have very eclectic tastes but I particularly enjoy horror, sci-fi, mysteries, heroic fantasy and superhero stories.

I am a passionate and open-minded person. I am an introvert but I can socialize quite well if I am not rushed and I enjoy cultural and sporting outings. I am very independent but I am looking for a man with whom I would enjoy spending most of my time and growing old, with whom I could have fun watching/discussing stories, going to conventions and film festivals, traveling, and discovering each other's other interests.

I wish for someone who would not judge me for spending my own money on a fancy Lord of the Ring or Watchmen collector set, on an elaborate Scar Predator figurine or on an Ikemen Nightwing statue, and someone who might be open to adopting children in a few years.
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