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Saint Catharines , Canada
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Jun 21, 16 at 10:40pm
I think you can if you tried hard enough. But the downside might be cosplaying characters you don't want to cosplay. Oh the pros and cons of professional work.
Jun 20, 16 at 11:49pm
Yup. Dressing up is the fun of cosplaying anyway, getting to be dressed up as something I've made is fun for me. No point in doing it if you're not having fun. Unless you're getting paid a lot. XD
Man, putting together this Fairy Tail style D&D campaign is killing me. Got my maps made, my creatures ready to go, the character sheet is finished, and now all I need to do is tweak it a bit, write down my opening dialogue and the descriptive bits and done!! Now, for players!!
Jun 15, 16 at 8:30pm
A friend of mine told me that before. But since I'm not one to care about being noticed, I'd rather go unnoticed than someone saying to me "You're the 10th *insert character here* I've seen today." I like cosplaying because you get to be in costume in general. Seeing known characters is fun, but annoying when too many people do the same one. Though I would like to cosplay as Vash the Stampede one day.
Jun 14, 16 at 8:35pm
That's cool. I've thought about cosplaying, but only as characters I made. I mainly like cosplays with people that are actually similar to the actual character, which is a reason to why I never tried to.
Jun 12, 16 at 10:27pm
Might as well ask. How goes life in Canada? Actually. What cosplays have you done? Both questions are equally important anyway. XD
Jun 12, 16 at 10:01pm
Lol XD
Jun 07, 16 at 1:32am
Well this name is a funny alternative. Made me laugh a lot when I first read it. Don't know why, I just did. XD
Jun 05, 16 at 8:09pm
Your name. Why? XD
Cid @tylor left a comment for sevendeadlyfuckbuckets
Jun 05, 16 at 6:01pm
Welcome to the site hope you like it here
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