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Sabrina Rei

Last online 7 months ago
I live for the living! I like to be in the thick of it. Put myself out there! Stand on a stage and belt out a song! Put a flower crown on my head and eat a giant roast turkey leg! Gather my friends to watch Cats in the theater, opening night, with light up pink cat ears and themed drinks! I wanna share a plate of food made with love, sit by someone on the beach in a private cabana as we both read books and then skip off for a dip in the sea. I wanna hunt you in VR! I want to window shop in a town I've never been to and eat gelato outside the shop.

I am a transwoman and the mother of a 10 year old girl who is my entire world. If any of that is a dealbreaker, I get it, move on. It clearly wasn't meant to be.
Panelist. Jul 24-26
Panelist. Aug 12-14
Nov 18-20
Jun 8-10