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Not the greatest year in my life. Lost loved one's and haven't done anything particularly amazing with my life. Starting to feel the years and how difficult it is to overcome barriers in life. Reaching success seems to be a life long struggle. Looking back at all the different post so many people passing by in a life time. Hope everyone is happy and well. Never lose the hunger for a happy life, no matter what fulfills that void.
tomo-chan @tomo_chan left a comment for EndlessKnight
May 31, 15 at 6:10pm
what concerts like celebrate fairfax?
She's too ticklish for massages. Have tried :). Doesn't care for movies but will call of duty in a heartbeat lol. The other suggestions I will try. Thank you. Oh I did find a toy. Worth every penny :).
Yeah, I place a great deal of thought in to the situation. What I been finding out as of late is that she's stressed out about some problems and that's why no matter what I do is hard to get her to snap out of it. Maybe I do need to do a sexy dance to catch of guard :) lol
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