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Real Miku Hatsune

30 year old Female
Last online almost 3 years ago
Seattle, WA
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kitarr @kitarr left a comment for Real Miku Hatsune
Jul 17, 19 at 5:06pm
Your pic is equal parts disturbing and intriguing. I can't seem to look away.
Nice ink I figured I would drop a line since your from close by. If you would like to talk I am open to it. I am looking to make some friends and meet new people.
I have a strange affinity for old man characters. I think its because mentally I'm about 80 years old. I feel like an old man half the time. I just watched the episode where they clear the Endless tower, followed by the Mayor's statue being worshiped as a god. I feel like the more I watch the better this show gets, its a very clever show that seems to be setting up a lot of long-term, running jokes and I actually love that stuff. Thanks for the recommendation! I was a little skeptical at first but I'm starting to see the brilliance of this show's writing. I'm glad you're enjoying it! Morioka is just so unbelievably cute, and I love shows that romanticize nerd/otaku culture. I will admit it inspired me to try MMOs after years of avoiding them but alas I couldn't find the same love, largely because of a lack of people to play with. A friend of mine says he'll join me in FF14 once his computer is back up and running though so there's still hope.
Aw! So sorry to hear that. If it's a cold/flu virus, plenty of hot drinks and soups will help. Get well soon. ^_^
Ahh I've still been feeling so sick lately!! It's rough.
I'm still enjoying it, I don't know, I'm just a bit cautious about getting into things. There's like 12+ hours of content in the show so I wouldn't want to put all that time into a series I wasn't completely sold on if that makes sense. Caution aside though its pretty good. Actually its worth watching just for old man North North xD Let me know if you enjoy it, I wouldn't want to oversell or spoil anything so I'll be quiet. If you don't really enjoy it though I'll understand. A lot of the shows I like are the sort that have cult followings and a lot of popular series I just don't like... it probably means my sense of personal taste is out of whack.
Hi Miku, I started watching Magical Circle Guru Guru, its really cute. :D Not entirely sure if I'm gonna watch it all the way through though, its funny in places but the humor doesn't click with me half the time. Its kind of a shame because it looks like a good show objectively, the animation is very nostalgic of older anime which is a breath of fresh air compared to more generic styles.
Earl Grey @saber left a comment for Real Miku Hatsune
Nov 29, 17 at 3:06am
Hmm. I'd say just about everything about the Black Eyed Children is bone chilling. Often times, people who have opened their doors to them have had terrible things happen in their lives soon afterwards. Whether it's serious illness, accidents, and things like that. I think the pets of the victims seem to have the right instinct by hiding. Something like a flight or fight response. When the victims see those jet black eyes, they usually get that kind of response too. With the pale skin, weird mannerisms/use of words, odd dress style, pet response, appearing/leaving almost out of nowhere, and being in groups of two or three, it really is a lot like the MIB. Oh, I've started reading the Missing 411 books and I'm really getting into it. It's about the many accounts of people who have gone missing in national forests and other remote areas. While some could have conventional explanations - some are downright weird in every way. In many cases, the people who have been found were at a location miles away and turn out to be confused and disoriented. And a number of those found themselves with little or no clothes on. That is only the ones who turned up alive!
Hi Kyuu. Today is Trip Tuesday, which flight prices are more affordable. I am thinking about traveling to Tokyo around my upcoming birthday during cherry blossom fest. Any vacation plans for you?