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26 year old Female
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Jun 03, 12 at 5:24pm
Do you have a facebook account? If you docid like to be friends on it :)
So, you like Naruto? :D
Horizons @horizons left a comment for PunkHaruhi
Sep 15, 10 at 12:12am
Hey what's up?
Valentine @valentine left a comment for PunkHaruhi
Dec 01, 09 at 5:23pm
Deidara is hot stuff xD
Nov 27, 09 at 3:39pm
you have a yahoo or aim? aol instant messenger is better, or i can text just pm me so its nice and safe with me with no worries ^_^
Nov 24, 09 at 10:45am
im lucky im in your limition X3, so you have a mail chat, cause i like to have a chat or text you on your cell if you have one =), so how have you been?
Nov 23, 09 at 5:13am
sorry for the wait but im good now, i just got back from my first con at anime usa in Virginia and i have stuff XD, i love being a otaku, well i re-read your page well i just turn 18 =P, but come read my new page and lets chat sometime k =3
You can call me Leon SV. My favorite charcter is... DEIDARA!!!! Yay Deidara! (I love to meet other fans lol) I love Naruto and I currently read new chapters released on Onemanga plus i buy them when they come out in stores. How far into the series are you?
Hello haruhi well I'm shugo(Ryan) and I live in Hawaii not as good as it sounds though there are many otaku here so the con is loaded. I love to cosplay I want a pain costume but can't find a wig though I do have a kirabi costume and those are pretty rare. And I'm good at making costumes and I went as arrancar tousen last year. Well anyway I'm 15 straight A/B student and have many friends I'm able to see a lot of good in people because a lot of my freinds smoke pot I don't touch it but o won't judge them for it. I love all types of anime and manga except ones with massive fanservice love videogames like halo borderland and anything that's dosent make me me sit through hours of talking. Like to draw but I don't have much talent
Nov 11, 09 at 12:22am
your ji is in another castle, hehe sorry lil reverse mario humor X3, but most girls don't want a ji like me that much <=], hm you have any lucky leads? til she comes and find me ima stay single i use to toss myself to girls because i got shoot down alot but you need to ask what you wana know about me now its not you someone came and played with me like a rag doll -.-, how are you? what you wana know?