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26 year old Male
Last online over 8 years ago
London, United Kingdom
Well, there would be a lot of stuff i'd write but just how always nothing comes to my mind. Basically Im not rly a manly guy if its about outer looks. I love cute things like kitties and little furry animals. Im a giant fan of anime, mostly romances plus maybe some horrors or smth about demons. Im pretty deep when its about relationships. I've been to few but I've never ever kissed anyone, for me its quite important and Im holding it for sure. Im a student of Bromley College in London and going to get on a hairdressing course soon enough cause basically hairdressing is a thing im going to do in a future ;p
I like fashion goth/scene/visual-kei cloths and ofc crazy hair taken out of Final Fantasy.
If something about a girl I'd treat like a queen that would be a short girl with pale skin tiny hands and feet, little nose without a "hill" on it, blue, green or grey eyes, fancy dress like "Luna Freed Queen" and smaller than average chest. I'd actually pat girl's like that head and hug her a lot ;3.