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Last online about 2 hours ago
anywhere, OK
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mariahiyori @leilum left a comment for neeto
about 3 hours ago

I had a great time reading your About info.. XD

neeto @neet_one Glad you enjoyed yourself.
about 4 hours ago

Do you ever find yourself hitting rock bottom, thinking life can't get any worse, only to find things can and will still get much worse?

Cherry Berry <3 @cherrydoe3 You're not gonna have that attitude while I'm around mister! Add :p
neeto @neet_one Thanks, but I'm a bit of a lost cause. More trouble than I'm worth ect.
Cherry Berry <3 @cherrydoe3 *slaps you* Don't talk down on yourself so much!!
Cherry Berry <3 @cherrydoe3 Sorry *kisses it*
Jan 19, 22 at 6:11pm

Jan 08, 22 at 9:20pm

So yeah, came back. Been a couple weeks now I guess. not really sure why. Old habits die hard I guess? or maybe clinging to false hope.
Left for some pretty easy to guess reasons, but obviously that didn't work out too well... So I guess I crawled my way back yet again, but... I don't really know why anymore, sure don't feel much like trying that stuff again. The emotional tug of wars with fickle people who have on top of the bulling and harassment in the forums just makes the whole process really unappealing. Besides, feels like my last shot was just that, my last shot/chance, it was a bust and I don't know if I have it in me to start all over again. That's why I really wanted to make sure I found the right person before getting invested. I wanted to think I did, but maybe I was just kidding myself.
I swear this is a game that only seems to get worse and harder the more you play it, and it doesn't help when all the players only add to how miserable the experience is. So where does that even leave a person? Maybe I should just give up for good?

oniiai(raven) @oniiai left a comment for neeto
Nov 01, 21 at 2:16pm

yooo what’s up

neeto @neet_one Hey, same old same old (not really)
Arc @arc left a comment for neeto
Jan 01, 21 at 8:34am

Dec 25, 20 at 12:14am

Dec 23, 20 at 12:36am

Nov 27, 20 at 9:20pm
This account has been suspended.
Nov 18, 20 at 1:56am

Went to a family fun center type of place while in Arizona recently. Was surprised to see such a place was still open. figured all theme parks and anything similar would still be closed.

Cutting ties @theghoulieleader But did you have fun?
neeto @neet_one Yeah. Gave the go karts a spin with my dad. Mine was a lot faster than his but didn't want to kill the mood so I stayed around his pace, then let him win in the last lap since I knew he'd care a lot more about winning than I would. Might have been nice to try out the mini golf too but it was getting late.
Cutting ties @theghoulieleader That does sound pretty fun, you should for sure give the mini golf a chance next time too. I've never rode a go kart before or really played mini golf
neeto @neet_one We used to play mini golf a lot, it can be fun but does take a good while.
Cutting ties @theghoulieleader There's one near me.
neeto @neet_one I'd say give it a shot, whatcha got to lose?
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