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Your Neko Emo Friend Mia

21 year old Female
Last online about 2 years ago
Ooof, IN
Hello you bastard..welcome to my profile..

Im a emo Neko...idk if that’s a thing or not...lol

I’m a proud mama of one.. NekoWeeb87555

My fiancé is 413X.. (Not irl of course)

If you ever want to be part of my soul collection, feel free to add me as a friend! I’ll always accept!


Don’t trust Koroshiya_Desu! He wants to drag you into a web a yuri... Come stay on my side for a more peaceful life... of yaoi of course ^^

Now move along before I find where you live and give you a big hug :3

Just kidding, I don’t have the time to be looking at where you live.. hehehe >:3