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Last online about 5 hours ago
Loveland, CO
I'm gender fluid. I'm born a guy and sometimes when I feel like a girl I cross dress. I have only been doing it about a year, but my end goal is to perfect the cross dressing to become a trap. I'm looking for friends, but maybe something more. Some lady friends(platonic) to weeb or geek out over anime and video games. Looking for someone around my age or younger. I'm currently enrolled in College and work two jobs. I have been gaming since as long as I remember. I also am a writer. I read and draw as well. I’m shy and little awkward too but once I’m comfortable around people I become less shy.

Qualities about me:
-Loyal to the grave

What I'm looking for a relationship is someone to weeb out with, a hardcore gamer and anime binger that enjoys metal music. Someone who can be attracted to me when I cross dress. Someone to be my best friend weeb waifu.