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Nezumi chan

25 year old Female
Last online over 4 years ago
Yaoi Land to the south,
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Nov 25, 16 at 10:50pm
Oh so you hail from the land of yaoi?! I knew a guy who knew a guy from there. How is it this time of the year? Ha ha!
Nov 25, 16 at 7:40pm
Hey there, glad to meet a fellow Yaoi lover!
Sairento @maxiishere left a comment for Nezumi chan
Nov 25, 16 at 4:57pm
Hi! Welcome to MO ^^ Do you enjoy this site so far?
*Blushes a alote* H-hello i'm a yaoi and video game lover a-an kinda nerv's on m-making friend's haha.^^ I-i hope we can and hope we can forever be friend's if you'll let m-me. B-but I do love video game's a-and band's to.^///^ http://orig03.deviantart.net/faac/f/2011/266/8/2/nezumi__by_allisonpotter-d4anw3m.gif