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28 year old Male
Last online about 2 hours ago
Coventry, United Kingdom
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syrex :> @syrex left a comment for InfernalMonsoon
Mar 15, 22 at 10:27pm
Hey, do you remember me?
Oct 19, 21 at 7:53pm
Hi! Ty for friend request! I'm new >.<
Apr 15, 21 at 6:07pm
Thank you for the friend request (●⌒∇⌒●)
InfernalMonsoon @infernalmonsoon You're welcome! You seem super wholesome, that energy is always underrated *nods*
This account has been suspended.
InfernalMonsoon @infernalmonsoon Sure thing :) hope your weekend has been going great and thanks a bunch, can't bring myself to change it haha
Mar 25, 21 at 8:19pm
Hii what’s up?
InfernalMonsoon @infernalmonsoon I'm good for the most part! How about you? :D
Merry Christmas everyone, I really hope you all have a wonderful rest of the year with the family! Let's make sure 2021 will be SO much better! :D
Dec 10, 20 at 3:34am
Hi, ty for friend request ^^
I stayed up the whole night watching that final Unus Annus stream. I wasn't there for a lot of the journey but damn, it was pretty eye opening and an amazing project that I regret not enjoying more often, it was the perfect bucket list Youtube channel full of comedy gold. Sadly the time comes for us all eventually though, so the moral of the story is to make every second count. It's about time I followed that creed more than I've ever done before. Time for me to bugger off to sleep. But remember; Memento Mori.
Nov 05, 20 at 7:19pm
Bro I watched your stream wtf u sound like Thatpuchkid?
InfernalMonsoon @infernalmonsoon Thanks! And do I? I've had people tell me I sound like Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation, kinda makes sense when I'm from the same part of the UK as him haha!
I almost never talk about stuff like my Twitch streaming publicly but since I often don't have much time or energy messaging people one on one (a big energy sink as most introverts could relate with), doing these streams is a really great way of chatting and interacting with people while making an idiot of myself in-game. Plus it's my birthday on the 15th and wanted to make the month a little more special by playing through as much of a game series I hold very near and dear for an entire month. Doubt I'll get through all of them but hey who knows! https://www.twitch.tv/infernalmonsoon
Mrs. Salt @verucassault I'll check you out. I've missed you!