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sadauharu @sadauharu left a comment for golexi
Jan 17, 22 at 1:10pm

Hey so that part about interacting with other human beings, your welcome to add me back or follow, not sure what I will post I tend to be a social crackhead who loses touch with what people say after 5 minutes or more often I try to ignore the ambiguity of a comment filled profile.

Unironically though I find it kind of cute that you mentioned personality traits, for reference I fall under ENFJ-A (Protagonist)

PlumKing @plumking left a comment for golexi
Dec 30, 21 at 10:45pm

Hi there, it seems we match pretty well, at least in anime that we've watched and have in common. Regardless I wanted to ask if I could add you so we could maybe talk sometime?


Hi, it'd be great if you'd add me as a friend. Id love to chat sometime

SnakeePoo @solid_snake95 left a comment for golexi
Nov 11, 21 at 6:29pm

E'llo Governor!

Sithik @sithik left a comment for golexi
Nov 01, 21 at 2:16pm

Hey there,

I was hoping that we could talk and get to know more about each other, hope to hear from you soon :)

elgood81 @elgood81 left a comment for golexi
Sep 19, 21 at 1:22pm

*waves* hi there

argo_ @argo_ left a comment for golexi
Jul 08, 21 at 7:08pm

Damn, qualified dentist and studying a masters? That's impressive, first of all.

I notice you also enjoy writing, which is definitely a fun pass-time and one I sometimes fall into myself when I have far too many ideas rushing about in my head! Have you published any of your work anywhere, or is it more like stuff you keep to yourself? I'm the latter personally, though I'll occasionally enter a writing contest or two if their subject interests me.

You also mentioned being an INTJ personality type, which I admit I had to look up but it turns out that I had heard of this system of personality type before but under a different name and that is the same personality type I got during a recent assessment at my workplace. Stay strong, fellow architect :P

farsyn980 @farsyn980 left a comment for golexi
Jun 29, 21 at 12:44am

Ooooo not many people I know watched katanagatari, that's an awesome pick ^^

shuri1995 @shuri1995 left a comment for golexi
Jun 06, 21 at 7:14pm

Hi there, just wanted to say hi :) You have great bio and interests and awesome Mal. Hope we can be friends :D

nyaxxy @nyaxxy left a comment for golexi
May 04, 21 at 5:39am

Hi there! Big anime and Tolkien nerd here, glad to see we've that in common! Hope all is well :)