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Sep 25, 19 at 10:54am

Oof lol well if it means anything i have a fitness assessment on friday and im dreading my life rn XD

And that's how our friendship ended, with the mention of dub. Subbed imo is so much better for one you dont have to wsit for the translations and the english voice actors make me cringe. But to each their own

Yeah yeah no worries i probably should start doing something with my stuff rn anyway. Just get back to me when you can no rush

Sep 25, 19 at 10:32am

Damn lol but i mean if they sell it then someone has to be buying them. But i can kinda guess the amount of weird stuff there is on amazon. There is also alot of useless junk on there too. Not quite army but yeah lol the military. I always feel weird talking about it cuz its like a "i dont wanna brag buuuuuuut" sort of thing XD honestly doesnt feel any different than normal life. Yeah yeah you can still hmu, hopefully they arent sending me to a cave in the middle of nowhere lmfao I got a back up plan just incase the wifi is bad there. We can def still talk, would suck if we couldnt cuz you seem pretty cool. Ik people have a habit of disappearing off the face of the planet sometimes too, so there arent many of us left.

Sep 25, 19 at 10:13am

Damn you caught me, i was getting ready for Halloween i wanted to do a fully immersive werewolf cosplay. But dead ass you must pack up alot of weird stuff that sounds funny XD

Secret c: cant actually tell anyone until i get there XD safety reasons. But i dont think i will be completely gone. There should be wifi where im going so you can still hit ya boi up lol it would be hella boring if i couldnt TwT i barely have friends and im so shy and awkward that making friends is another challenge on its own

Sep 25, 19 at 9:52am

Hell yeah lol at this point i might as well donate my debit card to them since they need it more than me considering how much i buy from there. Its usually just a bunch of junk im too lazy to go to the store and buy. Where i live is like a ghost town so i dont wanna drive like 20 mins just to find something.

Its Work related, im leaving for a few months then coming back, tho it would be nice to live overseas for a while.

Sep 25, 19 at 9:42am

Ayyyyy tell those dudes at amazon they need to come out with season 2 for the boys. That show was good XD but thanks cool you work at amazon. I prob sank most of my money into that site over the past year

I have the rest of the week off so im packing (or should be anyway) my parents are coming to help me move my stuff into a storage for a few months while i fly out the country B)

Sep 25, 19 at 9:36am

Lmfao relatable tbh
But lowkey im a bitter bitch all around so it cant be helped XD I dont think i friendzone people myself lol someone has to like me first >.> usually the one out here passing out free love and affection like those people with the flyers outside the store that you take and throw away anyway lol

So do you have any exciting plans for today?

Sep 25, 19 at 9:02am

Bruhhhh like you have to be a mad man to friendzone the ultimate waifu lol well tbf rem only killed him to protect her friends so i dont wanna hear it, literally no excuse for him to do her wrong like that. Thats why any anime that has a love triangle make me angry. Like they never choose the best girl who literally hands them love on a silver platter. My ass would dive in like itadakimasu lmfao

frankie @hiretsunaotaku You hate love triangles ??? Hah you've not read domestic girlfriend now have you ??
Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 Hell yeah i hate them, they usually go *girl who does everything to get noticed* doesnt get picked *girl who neglects protagonist* literally begging at her feet for a date
GDMH39 [lei's damdy] @gdmh39 your life story panda? wink*
Sep 25, 19 at 8:38am

Yeah there is a season 2 coming out, i just dont know when. Honestly subaru and Emilia deserve each other XD they are so jacked up its like a perfect fit. Rem i feel bad for though, when a good girl fall for a trash dude