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Natsuki best girl

20 year old Male
Last online about 6 hours ago
Las Vegas, NV
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WTF cancer did I just watch
Jun 12, 22 at 12:28am
https://youtu.be/P6mplgr1ggc .
This account has been suspended.
Wtf is this lmao
Luna @lunaarc left a comment for takashi_yoshida101
Dec 08, 21 at 8:38am
AMONG US @rafaelsanzio that went to 100 quickly
Where is this dealer you bought these "candies" from? Cause I want some too
Nov 21, 21 at 1:44pm
I wanted to go buy ice cream at a local dealer, so I walked out of my apartment, looked down the street and saw INCREDIBLE things. (Shock) I look and there is a Chinese restaurant (WOW) I take a few steps, cross the street and look up. The sun is in the sky. (No way). I look back down and there is no restaurant but a cute dog. I pet him for a few minutes until he does a back flip and disappears (MAYBE IT WAS GOD). I look back and there is no street, just woods. I walk through the woods and see a plane. There is an owl standing next to the plane. I talk to the owl for 7 minutes until it flies away. I look up. There is no forest. In front of me are bandolero donde voy. I started to run away from them until I found myself at an ice cream dealer who sold me candies. (TRUE HISTORY) I like orange mandarins.
AMONG US @rafaelsanzio what did the owl told you?
Criselington @criselington The tale that'll go down in history
Aug 23, 21 at 2:07am
Oh really thats cool.
Heyy, long time no see loll, I'll tell you who I am later
ZackV4 @w0w_l0l left a comment for Natsuki best girl
May 09, 20 at 3:58pm
That's the thing all I would really do is play games XD
ZackV4 @w0w_l0l left a comment for Natsuki best girl
May 09, 20 at 3:54pm
The reason I keep myself alive is because I want to keep people from falling in the same whole I did. It sucks. I don't want to see anyone else do that
Oh cool beans