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Last online about 4 years ago
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Mar 20, 20 at 11:20am
NeKo NiOr @nekobb13 left a comment for DarkuSchneider
Aug 13, 16 at 3:31pm
Thank you for knowing what infowars is!!!
Jun 08, 16 at 9:13pm
Thank you. It is a very good place.
DarkuSchneider @darkschneider It is indeed, enjoy.
May 18, 16 at 1:24pm
http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/123/543/funny-gifs-creamy-buns.gif Just stopping by to show you what you've been missing. Glad to see you're back. XD
DarkuSchneider @darkschneider ROFL Thanks it's good to be loved. Glad to see you are still around in good spirits.
Apr 23, 16 at 3:49pm
You've been quiet and/or gone for a while. O_O But especially quiet.
DarkuSchneider @darkschneider Little of both and it was getting kinda boring but I peek in from time to time. Been very busy at work and play ;p
e_bon @e_bon left a comment for DarkuSchneider
Jan 26, 16 at 8:32pm
Incredible! I am curious about how it works. I am sharing the Sixense kickstarter w/ my buddy. The 3-d printing applications are particularly appealing. We have 3, and just changed one to include a paste extruder. He has the previous Occulus. The new one requires a bunch (4?) of USB ports.They should just use tactical fiber, but the cost would be high. I think the package deal will be a good direction since the computer will be included and certified. But all this is some $$$.Thanks for sharing that with me. Brent uses his Pi as a home media system and an old i phone as the remote control.We have several other uses for the Pi_s as well. We just got our Pi Zero, is it ever small. Picked up arduino but have not had time to play with it yet. Too much work. Keep me posted on that VR/AR you are doing, that is the coolest stuff running.
e_bon @e_bon left a comment for DarkuSchneider
Jan 14, 16 at 12:05pm
Are you going to get the new Occulus? Do you do the raspberry pi thing? What aspects of the make movement are you into?
DarkuSchneider @darkschneider I use a Raspberry Pi for a personal web/dev server. I just got into playing with Arduino micro controllers. Thinking about making educational toys and do VR/AR experimenting for fun and maybe profit later. I am torn for now between the new Oculus and the HTC. I already have hand/body trackers coming off a kickstarter: Sixense STEM motion controllers. https://youtu.be/C8z-On6FBTM I also ordered a VR omni-directional treadmil. Virtuix OMNI: https://youtu.be/AdYE9QN_fPs
say @say left a comment for DarkuSchneider
Jan 09, 16 at 9:21pm
Thanks! Nice to meet you!
Vivi @truevivi left a comment for DarkuSchneider
Jan 03, 16 at 7:49pm
Hello, thanks for welcoming me =)
Sota @sota left a comment for DarkuSchneider
Sep 30, 15 at 6:08am
Thanks for the friend ! c: