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Last online 12 months ago
I'm Asian and enjoy cultural sharing as well as connecting to people around the world. It'd save me a lot of money if I could just sleep on your couch or have you be the tour guide when I travel lol.

I'm learning Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. I only know English and Hmong.

If you're a KPOP enthusiast or Weaboo, I can hold my own a bit, so we can discuss things. I enjoy reading Chinese Webnovels and trying to build my network of "friends" lol.

I do some programming on the side, while expanding my knowledge base on the off chance that an apocalyptic scenario will happen. Therefore, learning how to fix a car, basic electrician skills, basic handyman skills and some healthcare knowledge is on my list to learn in the future. Plus, I'm cheap and you can save money by doing things on your own lol.

Paying off my Student Loan and saving up for a doggo and/or catto. (Maybe I'll volunteer at the animal shelter in the meantime lol)

For more information, check my post on this link:

P.S. ~ I tend to reply or post with lots of text. ~_~ <-- my fav face to make.
P.P.S. ~ Dang I need to update or edit this (dated Feb. 4, 2022).

Often gone, I'm a working professional now T.T. (Will you let me sleep over if I ever have a work trip to your city? That or we could go hang out and reproduce "The Hangover" lol)
Discord DonQuixote#8660