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anada @anada left a comment for Clyzard
Feb 16, 20 at 6:17am
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Hello my love!! •kiss• ^_^ I see the crazy spammers haven't posted on u lately.
*SMOOCH!!!* heehee =^^=
Wow, Squirrel ?... You lucky... glad to hear it bub. hope it stays that way. Glad you enjoyed A-Kon. Glad to see it still going strong. We pulled the house down for 20yrs #AX2011 here in L.A. this year. it was beyond awesome. I'm hoping to upload a pic or two of me in Cosplay at least. What Character were you and Squirrel go as this year?
Mongo @mongo left a comment for Clyzard
May 25, 11 at 1:13am
Hey thanks man! I'm still trying to figure this site out.
Hey a hardsuit Clyzard ? check out youtube. I think she called it "my ultimate cosplay ..." sorry. i have he clip somewhere. I think her friend/bf/other. form fitted her with a fiberglass one. Of course she chose Priss san. who doesn't :-p after seeing so many of them i'm starting to think about Sylia Stingray. I have a WoWWee Femsapien that looks remarkably like her. of course i call her Sylia as well. chuckle. fully programmable w/ attitude to boot. check her out fencing w/ her twin on youtube. simply amazing. Mata ne.
yo dude, you sound pretty cool. love the old Gits. Akira, etc.. went to Akon back when it started growing up around there. hopefully it still has that same feel. if you absolutely love it. Enjoy yourself. Mata ne.
:| @thecrookedprince left a comment for Clyzard
Mar 25, 11 at 2:09pm
Thanks for welcoming me man. I appreciate that.
Izzy_hime @izzy_hime left a comment for Clyzard
Dec 08, 10 at 7:42am
Hello nya!! Its nice to meet you too! So how are u??
hikariramu @hikariramu left a comment for Clyzard
Nov 03, 10 at 12:05am
Thanks :D
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