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34 year old Male
Last online about 10 years ago
United Kingdom
This will probably get updated a lot cause I can't think of everything now and I want this section to describe me as best as possible.

I'm a Random kind of person, in that I'm calm and collected one point, serious another (when it matters of course) and hyper and crazy the next. I like to do things normal and also do things a crazy way. I try to fit in as many hobbies into my life as I can while discovering new ones along the way. Hobbies include drawing and animating, gaming, writing stories and poetry, playing guitar and piano, juggling and tricks, Anime & Manga, and fitness (maybe more but thats off top of head atm lol). I listen to loooads of variety of music from rock to jazz and blues to dubstep and jungle DnB, techno and house, all sorts.

Of course I especially love my anime and games hence why I'm here, what types of anime do I like? ALL, and I literally mean that, there isn't an anime that I wouldn't watch in this world, but that also means I'll never get to watch them all in my life either, sad times lol.

I always love whereever I go to just take a step back and look at the bigger picture of things, I admire the clouds and the sky, the stars and planets to the sea and landscapes, all that life has to offer, before returning back to normal and being grateful for all I am and have, cause in this crazy world you never know what's around that bend, well it better be something exciting and maybe a bit bumpy, cant be smooth all the time, would be a bit boring.

I can be sarcastic and love to make people laugh, even if I have to be the Joker to do it lol :P.
Oct 26-28