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Last online over 1 year ago
First off they don't even have one eighth of the conventions i have been to. On that list. Lol

I am in the shop or barn or out in woods I don't get the best phone reception. Phone on me 60% of the day.. ok then i
Work from 5:00am till 5:00 pm I can text and talk on and off during that time just b hard to get ahold of me. After that I'm working on my property /home ..I am a jack-of-all-trades i'm really good with my hands.my name is Jonathan.. I'm athletic I I keep myself fit.
Iove the outdoors I build stuff all the time, i own my house. I have a Truck, muscle car /motorcycle/ dirt bikes. full time job, I am a mechanic Carpenter welder and fabricator computer tech and blacksmith it’s a thing I do for a living and I enjoy it very well. I have burn marks on my arms I have scars from welding I'm not joking around.I am a workaholic.... I have a beautiful daughter to she is my world.
I am looking for friends hopefully out of that I can find a friend that would like to team up with me.