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25 year old Female
Last online 2 months ago
Aurora, CO
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Apr 26, 22 at 4:46pm
I’m really not a mean person, but the shit some people say to me in my dms really makes my bitchiness come out :/
neugenx @neugenx left a comment for bambina
Apr 25, 22 at 2:39am
What’s going on in co right now?
Cryptic_Kitty @kawaii_kit left a comment for bambina
Apr 13, 22 at 7:22am
Why you feel so lonely nice lady?
Apr 12, 22 at 11:56pm
Is it possible to truly fall for someone without knowing what they look like? #loveisblind
ᶜʰᵃʳˡⁱᵉ-ᴰʷʸᵉʳ @redhawk Possibly yes, appearances are not everything, at least mostly I assume
Mar 28, 22 at 11:17pm
Wanting to be lost in someone but instead I’m lost in my thoughts…
xenoadam @xenoadam left a comment for bambina
Mar 22, 22 at 5:47pm
What's up
Mar 15, 22 at 11:33pm
When you’re so tired you wanna go to bed but don’t wanna go to bed cause then that means the day is over .-.
AMONG US @rafaelsanzio fuck that hits home
AMONG US @rafaelsanzio i can't hit like enough
Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 left a comment for bambina
Apr 28, 20 at 3:26am
I got lost on the forums and ended up here .-. But dont give up on the site. Although things looks very bleak, you might just need a tiny bit more time. Im sure you will get whatever it is you are looking for here. Dont let anyone discourage you or lose hope just put yourself out there and guve it a chance. You arent exactly losing anything by staying here a little longer. I wish you tons of luck and the best of wishes c:
Ms Relentless @swadian left a comment for bambina
Apr 27, 20 at 3:39am
It's because most individuals have partially given up on the dating aspects of this forum, now it functions mostly like a friendship site which, coincidentally, happens to have spawned a few successful relationships. I'm not saying this to be disheartening or to push you towards an early leave from the site, just don't hold your expectatives too high. Also, most dating apps have properly built in matching functions, the ones here barely works, so you have to do tons of leg work to get anywhere. If you need any help with common knowledge around here, you can also ask the mods team~
AMONG US @rafaelsanzio left a comment for bambina
Apr 27, 20 at 3:37am
Tbh more than a dating site, this is a social media for people that like anime and stuff. No that it doesn't works, but it takes some time to find someone here