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28 year old Male
Last online over 2 years ago
Helotes, TX
Started watching anime back in late elementary and early middle school like dragon ball, yu gi oh, yu yu hakusho, digimon,naruto but now I watch more harem,slice of life,comedy, ecchi, little bit of isekai trash or incest trash. Also I do watch current anime like JoJo birazza adventures and seven deadly sin. I am open to watch your shows you recommend to watch. Besides that, I'm also plays video games too. I have all the platforms so I'm very flexible about what we play together with. If you want my gamerstags for PC, xbox, ps4 and switch just ask.

About me personally, I'm little bit stubborn at times,sometimes I be very blunt about things and not mean way,can very opinionated with certain topics, and I'm atheist but I'm ok with other people beliefs if it doesn't harm others well being.

What I'm looking for here?
Recently, I want something special in my life. You cloud say I'm looking for new friends or girlfriend maybe near me or long distance so I can do more with my life.