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11 minutes ago • Likes and Dislikes

Dude im getting pissed tf off, it should not be this hard to transfer money between two banks when they are under MY NAME. Like ffs, i originally started out wire transfering funds, but then they for some reason cancelled the second time. I call the bank and tell the dumb ass representative my information. And she tells me i dont have access to my account ??? I answered all the information correctly. I even reviewed all my info and its still the fucking same. The wait time for the next representative is a whole hour. Im just trying to do coinbase without linking my personal account. Im literally having to jump hoops for this shit. Its frustrating. I realize this is allbin olace to make sure people dont steal my money but how tf do i get my OWN info wrong. Dumbass asked me my pin i say my pin she is like thats wrong....thats literally the code i use to log in every fucking time. I can't even get in the app without it.

28 minutes ago • Random Chatter

I don't know if it's only happening to me, but for the past few days the direct messaging system here has been very laggy and feels somewhat broken. Like, it's still possible to type and send a message but It freezes up the browser and forces me to reopen the tab to get the view refreshed.


The appeal of nendoroids is something that I don't understand. Why would I want to look at a grotesquely disfigured representation of my waifu with a ridiculously large head? How is that supposed to make me feel happy and/or aroused when I look at it? I don't feel like talking to it or worshipping it. I feel like punching it and throwing it away because it's some kind of ugly imposter!


Easily White Pearl Black Oceans by Sonata Arctica. The story of a lighthouse keeper who gets in over his head.

I was born and raised by the sea, shy yet proud,
Learned to stay away from the crowd
In my home, my lighthouse...
101 steps, round and dound
New Years Eve, one night in the town
Can change one life into eternity...

All I could see, her eyes,
We got caught in the moment, all of the night
Taken beyond all lines,
In silence leaving 'em all behind

She had found the sails, for the following night
The town, for her, was getting way too small
She promised to be mine
Forever, ... for that one night...

Moments, passion, small defeats
Concealed emotions, found in me
"You gave life to a brand new me..."

Crossing the wintry fields,
The first hour of morning light
Warmed by the flame inside,
The lasting memory of the ending night

I never had a chance to stop what hit me...
What broke my bones and mauled me...
After hours of deep, unwilling sleep... in a cold shelter
Fell back in the dark, and the hours of the day passed...

A nightmare awakes me, blinking light!
There's no guide, blind ships in the night
Oh blood red moon, eat away the night

Darkness covers my lonely soul,
No one to feed the dying light...

Good morn', oh dreadful day,
I prayed the moon had lit the sea instead of me...
For the sails of night,
"Please tell me everything's alright..."

My voice in the room broke the silence,
Everybody killed me with their eyes...
What I was to hear made the people cry,
Impossible for me to keep the tears inside

"All on board the White Pearl have died,
Coastal reef have tolled their lives
And you are the light of the night..."

One thing, I remember, before I fell on the ground...
Although I never saw the face,
A name was inked in his arm...

Love can be like poetry of demons, or maybe
God loves complex irony?
The family name stated I had seen before...
Written on her front door...

"Silence in the courthouse!"
A presence in the room, we both could feel
The father of her unborn child and me

All on board the White Pearl have died,
Coastal reef have tolled their lives
While I was the guide light...
Back in my tower, run, run, run
Light is out, I hope to see
Black oceans beneath rise and swallow me

One step will take me back inside, another sees my end
No one can love a man who guarded the light,
(Guarded the light, one faithful night)
Flaming eyes I must confront before I am stated free

Defining innocence is hell, after all that has past...
Building new walls inside my eternal night...
Although they took my heart and dried me up
Sometimes I still bleed...

Show me the way (show me the way)
The light will show me a way on the grisly reefs
Too many dead ends I see
No soul can save me
The respect I lost, the measure of a man...

10 000 steps down, round and round
One night at the town and I'm hell bound
Black oceans beneath come and swallow me
All on the board White Pearl had died,
Coastal reef come claim my life
Black oceans beneath come and swallow me

My little tower, seal my fate
Help me pay back, end their hate
Black oceans beneath come and swallow me
One direction, down, down, down
Pitch black night for my old town
Black oceans beneath shall now swallow me


The game is mostly fun with some frustrations but FUCK this game's final boss! FUCK IT FUCK IT FUCK ITTTTT! Easily the most unfair, unfun, tedious and painful bullshit I have ever played. Seriously FUCK that final boss so goddamn much.


Hosts an internet radio show with Keegan Michael Key

Political rants
about 3 hours ago • Serious Talk

Hah. China will block sending us 10lts of supplies to produce 18 million vaccines as retaliation of Bolsonaro saying that China wanted to start a "chemical war" with COVID-19. The thing is, we would start making our OWN vaccine at around day 25.

A big brainlet move provoking China before we could at least START carrying ourselves on this regard. You cannot just provoke your biggest trade partner because you don't like them, it will only show that the country (in case, mine) is just a dog who barks and not bites.

I am in a mixture of "Fuck China" and "Serves us right".

Random thoughts...
about 3 hours ago • Random Chatter

Trying to decide if i should eat this Mediterranean mint gelato i have, or get some actual food.

Compliment each other!
about 4 hours ago • Random Chatter

Don't really know you, I'll take a guess and say you're pretty cool and genuine

about 5 hours ago • Serious Talk


Israel’s Iron Dome intercepting rockets fired from Gaza


Gotta say Zelda, tho I didn't like BotW (sadge), still waiting for a new entry closer to the original games, will be a while