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Got Insomnia?

Ahhh insomnia, thanks whatever is holy or unholy for my Ambien
Hello darkness my old friend....
Me and especially my big sister do. But I am in a better sleeping environment and habit now than in the past.
Ohhh I’m having this problem tonight, perfect timing
Wik @wik commented on Got Insomnia?
May 26, 21 at 3:59am
You gotta try every legal available sleep aids for at least few days and see which works best for ya. I found a specific melatonin pill (it's over the counter) and it definitely knocks me out. When I need to sleep early coz I need to be awake in the morning, I pop one and one hour later I'm out. I'm not saying melatonin is right for you, but I have met plenty of people who say they need to call in sick if they are on benadryl. That doesn't make me sleepy at all. Gotta find what works for you.
I used to have trouble sleeping, but now I have trouble getting up. Sleep is very nice
I used to stay up till 5 am every night and run on about 2-3 hours of sleep a day for a solid 2 years, was not a fun time. Now i go to bed at midnight and feel like an old person.
I've tried melatonin stuff and it does help. The problem is I don't know what nights my anxiety is going to kick in and I'll lay in bed for hours. I usually dose the following night to ENSURE I get a good night sleep. @wik I actually really like the ZZZQuil stuff, Pure ZZZs. It kinda gives me a fuzzy calm feeling so I can slip into sleep better. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/mWAAAOSwugtfJ2nk/s-l500.jpg
Wik @wik commented on Got Insomnia?
May 27, 21 at 3:43am
Thank you for this suggestion @verucassault ! Although I found what works for me, my poor Dad has not. Maybe this will do the trick. I forgot to mention that the melatonin that I use works two ways: It helps me feel like sleeping and it helps me calm the nerves. I needed it a lot last year. I work in a hospital. The majority of 2020 was awful for the sick and dying. It helped to calm my nerves so I can at least have a full night's rest even if the stress was unbearable.
I take ambien for my insomnia
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