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What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is to lose someone I value a lot. To get ignored by people I treasure a lot. I've experienced this lots of times, I've lost so many friends… Not that I'm a bad friend, yet I've hate myself for not being able to stop them :')
Your fear is rather common, but me... I'm scared of ducks. I am convinced that they are hellspawn. They will attack and eat anything and anyone, would they be given the chance. Trust me on that. Today, Foie Gras is a delicious way for me get revenge. Though one day, the gods will send a flock of man-eating ducks my way. Whats funny is that I'm fine with geese, but ducks.... ughhh
@forgetmenot I see the geese have gotten to you and programmed your brain to believe they are ducks and ducks are them. Oh well, my fear is whatever my fear is, I've yet to run into paralyzing fear situations. Maybe I'll develop a fear of water or heights as I get older.
Ducks, I find cool. I'm also cool with geese, but they are aggro AF and hiss.
Death (either by outside sources or suicide) Failure Dad Bod losing my symbols of individuality any reptile or insect that is poisonous and my greatest fear: NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION
Scared of Dad Bod...? https://media.tenor.com/YdFyazszCGUAAAAC/muda-dio.gif
Wasp/bees. No idea why. But I suspect it was from I had a nest of them when I was young
I have the opposite problem since I have been stung by waps, bees, and hornets. Yellow Jackets were the meanest as they will attack in a group. As a child I was on a playground that had a nest under the slide. I was covered in head to toe stings. Ground wasps have stung my leg while mowing over the years. Yet it's usually just a couple vs a whole colony. After all that I am not afraid to be stung as clearly I am not allergic.
When I was like 3 or 4 years old I was at my cabin on a yearly trip up there and we were having a small cook out with our neighbors and while I was eating a hot dog, a large bee came buzzing in between me and I decided in my dumb toddler mind to clap it to death and I ended up gettin' stung by it. I remember screaming in pain for awhile. That was the day I learned to never fuck with bees
The real phobia that I have to this day are Chiggers. When I was 6 I went to play in some tall grass and was covered in the dreaded things. Chiggers bite into human flesh and make you itch, but they're worse than mosquitos or ticks because they swarm in groups. Best part is they LOVE going for the genitals. Sooo.... Fuck chiggers!
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