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Aylo's Aven a' wisdom

Where once a day(and ONLY ONCE a day) i post little useless nuggets of wisdom, truth, and the way of Halo. Lesson I: "An understated consequence of all your decisions is that you must live with being someone who made them"
Lesson II: "Water on it's own ironically makes for terrible lube and moisturizer"
Dec 18, 21 at 11:17am
Just got through "high thoughts" with a coworker. So, this one hits home, man. So true...So sage.
Lesson III: "Being proactive is the ultimate laziness. You're literally getting prepared to have nothing to do"
Dec 20, 21 at 6:58pm
This account has been suspended.
Did he miss a day or did you miss an opportunity to be self-motivated?
Here's my 2ยข since no one's asking. The man who seeks illumination from another's wisdom is doomed to live within the shadows of his own ignorance!
Lesson IV: "You could say cooking food is nothing more than burning it until it tastes good. But then you'd be a shitty cook"
Fun fact, did you know eating burnt food increases cancer chances? Must be why Hu Tao is always offering the traveler overcooked food. To bring in a new "client!"
Lesson V: " There are billions upon billions of stories going on. In most of them you're background dressing at best. And thats fine"
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