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It's hard to make friends.


Hey. Just trying to make friends online. Feel free to chat anime, games, manga, comics, or whatever with me. It's okay to be afraid because I am riddled with social anxiety too. But this is me making an effort.

I hope you're having a wonderful day.


Feel you on that always hard for me to make friends too..


i lost most after highschool and i have seen Uni only online and for exams.


That's rough. I know how you feel. Here's a Kuroko fist bump.

Aug 22, 21 at 10:26am

I find it a bit hard to make new friends too due to things in my past but I'm still trying too. Let's raise each other up and I hope you all have a great day too!


I feel you bro it be like that...


Ever since 10th grade I've lost most of my connections to friends (and outside connections) so I'd be happy to to talk pretty much anytime.


Hmmm it does get harder to find friends just go to clubs and bars or manga cafes or library and stand in the manga section. Or make friends with coworkers and go to their parties or get a gf or bf and have them introduce you to their friends and make them yours too. Go on vacation get wasted meet people party exchange your number to a lot of people. Go to college even.

Sep 03, 21 at 11:58pm

I have no friends, so I get it.

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