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Tell me your little secret


Tell us your little secret. no NSFW stuffs please!


B-But then it wouldn't be a secret.


Y-yes..only those secret you wanna share...^_^
Don't worry I won't force anyone to do so...C:


Okay me first. I'm actually chubby in person *hides face in embarrasment*


Well, I'm not really in the habit of keeping secrets but here's my attempt nonetheless,

I tend to be a bit of a pack rat. I end up keeping a lot of things that I'll likely never use again. Logically, I understand this. Sentimentally, I make excuses that I'll use/want it some day. Sometimes this is true and it's really handy. Most of the time it just occupies my available storage space. Some people do know this, but I don't think anyone really grasps the degree.


I had a sleep paralysis demon that i think was my dead brother as a child.


umi_nezumi @umi_nezumi and
Laffantion @laffantion for sharing your little secrets.I really appreciate it! C:


Someone once had a crush on me when I was I think 10 and i was kinda scared of lovey dovey stuff at the time so when she told me she liked me my face went very very blush red and I ended up running away screaming lmao

…17 years later I’m still embarrassed


We live in the simulation


@arcfire90 that reminds me of the first time another guy approached me. I was not prepared. I had never even considered such a situation for myself at that time. I was already taken with my ex at the time, so I had an easy deflect, but man was it awkward.

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