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What kind of love life do you want?


I'm to brutally truthful to tell. And I'm to shy. So if your really curious than I guess you can message me.

This account has been suspended.

Rain down and down and down. In the midst of it~ an Anchor, eyes closing slowly but eternally. Many try, yet the anchor won't budge. There is an eerie feeling around that anchor and it seems so sad, lonely, destitute. Yet there is safety and solace, once you dare approach it.
The years pass and the anchor has become some sort of local legend. A quiet place, a place that helps, a place that heals. But also, a place that radiates a profound sadness and solitude.
Dress it up, enlighten the surroundings, clean the anchor... But that eerie atmosphere never changed. At some point, everyone gave up.
As the years pass, wilderness surrounds the Anchor. People don't visit it anymore. Some lost souls pass by and may find temporary solace in it, but the eyes of the Anchor have almost closed.

To imagine a positive twist on this... someone that turns the sadness to melancholy, eyes ever closing, but with a smile. That would be the kind of "Love Life" I want.

Disclaimer: Damn, this was embarassing. Up to you wether the anchor is me, or I am the one turning the sadness into melancholy. I am not sure myself.


One where we can collaborate on various errands and artsy crafts during the mornings and daytime hours and then give each other some private space during the evening hours because of differing tastes in videogames. That would be such a balanced and harmonious life.


I was able to taste the intimate life in my recent past. Given that experience, I learned what it means to live with a partner.

In brief, one can not expect life to be easy. It is fair to have expectations or standards, but neither is an authority of the other.

One should never delve far into blame when a relationship faces tough challenges. This applies to both people.

All that can reasonably be expected is love.

Even more if we cannot stand to be in each other's lives.

And strong enough to let go when either takes their leave.

Both people are human. Understanding that is love.

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