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stories you made.


Emma miller, 18 years older, and living alone in her apartment. Desperately trying to get job after job so she can survive. Working day and night every weekday and weekend. Just giving her no time for herself. She still fights it even today it seems. After her graduation her life just got worse. Not that it is been good anyways. Age of 7 she lost her parents and went into foster home. Her foster parents were not very nice. Beating her Rapidly every single day. It was unending for her, for the cruelty that she faced on throughout her years.
Suddenly she found a job that could really help her with her debt and her bills that she has for her apartment. "Antonio's Breakfast Burdens" a restaurant looking for a decent cook to cook the delicious tasty fries and the greasy burgers with the top of the most famous Sunnyside Pancakes.
Emma decided to quit her other 3 jobs to get to work at a very nice well paid restaurant.


thats all that i have so far.{ Fanart ppl made for Emma.}


I made a twin for emma but i dont know what his name should be...

Feb 26, 21 at 9:55pm

Have a Bakugou x Reader | https://archiveofourown.org/works/28808796


Working as a waitress in at her new job she finds herself not attracted to the customers normally they be happy to take a seat at any table but someone who is from a different country is little hard for her to get used to the way they people are treating her. The manager of the restaurant comes up to emma and gives her a small little advice.
"You know, someone who is new here and people not getting treated correctly should not be out her doing the shifts needed." The manager says then leaves back to her job to make sure everything is ok. Emma brushed off the chat they had and goes back to do her own business. After her shift she walks back her her small apartment and uses her tips to use for food.
Emma sighs and flops down on the couch exhausted from her shift. "Ugh, why can be people be so mean" talking to herself she hides her face against a decorative pillow. She murmurs "I'm constantly tired I need a break" she continues speaking to herself. She then gets up to go to the bedroom and flops on the bed. Few minutes later she fell asleep.

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