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Shoniya's Fanfics


I came here just to post an ever increasing collections of random memey fanfics I've written regarding MO.

Here's the first. Tadaaa

Within a veil of darkness an incessant wail echoed, screams of excruciating agony pierced the hearts of the inmates, old and long gone senile the prisoner ravaged at what was left of it's sanity , unnerving in nature it rended a wardens heart, he understood his desperation, yet, he resigned himself to the madness unfolding.

'Sephiroth' was his codename within the organization he operated, his peers had long deemed him an hazardous existence, once rage infused, remnants of rationality were violated incessantly by his desire to satisfy his carnal needs, seeking a particular substance to subside... Milk... Manly milk...

Harvested freshly several times a day, swallowed warm after a meal to clean his palate, thick, moist and foul on smell, his body was conditioned to decline into dementia, should he forsake the harvest. Even among those subjects he fervently indulged in, certain qualities determined the rarity of the white elixir, only one specimen could provide a sufficient nutrition to fight the unquenchable thirst, Frankie.

It's not as if Sephiroths dependency originated from emotional feelings, for by his words "it's not love, but, somewhere near his crotch".

Frankie, being a young stud, understood the implications of his addictive manly fruity juice, on several occasions he would reminisce of his youthful spring days, a hose sprayed a collection of young flowers while the field welcomed it's benefactor, likewise now he would find himself spraying Sephiroths face with his warm milk, with delight, the ancient prisoner would indulge on savoring the elixir, gulping every drop in a steadfast manner.

After his meal had been served, with an eerie grin he declared: "It's not love, but somewhere near your crotch, it's not love, but somewhere below your zip, where what lies it's your dong... It's not love, but rather, the forsaker of madness"


The literature masterpiece has been released into the world!

Jan 26, 21 at 4:31pm



Newest fics will probably be added to a documents sharing place, then, the link will likely contain them all.

Jan 26, 21 at 10:14pm

Wasn't this fella (swadian) gone forever??



Sadly, you can't deactivate your account after reactivating it, at least not within the same hours, I think I'll be able to deactivate by tomorrow

Jan 26, 21 at 10:30pm

Ohh I was just asking

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