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Echo_Coil for 2021's MO presidency campaign.


*Among the rubble, I rise with my personal robotic bodyguards and announce my presence.*

-My Speech-

MY FELLOW MO OCCUPENTS, we have suffered long enough!

WE THE PEOPLE, must push through this travesty of the great 2nd MO war together!

I HEAR YOUR PLEADS, if you put your trust in me I'll ensure your salivation!

-My Open Ears-

Please speak your woes, as I comfort your needs with a reply!

(This is a RP platform to help assist me to become president of MO, I'll reply and do propaganda on this topic.)


In my first course of action, I'll be hiring Alex Jones to slander my opponents and other factions:

"You should only trust Echo and the High Counsel, those Satan worshiping monsters aren't going to FUCKING take me!"

*Alex Jones flips out, and begins to slice his sword into thin air.*

[Message has been brought to you by the High Counsel.]


I endorse this presidential bid.


ya have my vote vinyl!! :3


[Message has been brought to you by the High Counsel.]


you got my vote pal



*Alex Jones begin to do his Info Wars commentary with a jail warden.*

"So if I'm hearing this right, those DAM COMMIE BASTARDS never gave you guys the bats you need for Horny Jail!?"

*Alex Jones holding his papers tight, trying to restrain himself as the warden speaks.*

"Well yes, president Amir has never considered helping us officers at Horny Jail."

"So it was a nice change of pace, that Echo_Coil gave us GRADE (A) bats to go bonk rowdy inmates."

"That Echo_Coil got my vote, he is really thinking of us little guys."

*Alex Jones begin to scream and rip off his shirt, as the channel gets back to its regular program.*

[Message has been brought to you by the High Counsel.]


@echo_coil Its time for you to rule .king


Do you plan on holding rallies? How will you do so when lockdowns are in effect?

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