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Open Discord

(This is not to direct traffic from MO, but just an external place to hang out.) I have created a Discord where you can meet, discuss, and play with other people of similar interest. You have the lobby rooms, where you can chat about games, anime or any other things your heart desires. The gaming rooms meant to team up with other players. The raid room for those of you that like to do big raids in games. The music rooms for those that want to listen to music with friends. And the dating rooms for those who wish to go on a 1on1 online date with that special someone. It's still a working progress but after a couple of days of toying around and setting things up, I think it's finally ready to be released to the public. https://discord.gg/CyPmyFm
Mar 19, 23 at 4:12am
This account has been suspended.
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