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Coronavirus. Your thoughts? [Serious and Non-Serious]

What are your thoughts on the Coronavirus outbreak? Share any thoughts about it. Any
There's a strong possibility they might cancel Anime Boston this year because of it. I don't like that...
I feel sorry for countries like China, Korea, italy etc and I hope that they can go back to normal life soon. Having a grudge on Jens Spahn, because he didn't took it serious enough in the past.. now he let himself celebrate for being a hero.. I could puke.
This account has been suspended.
This account has been suspended.
No need to overreact to it. China has the largest number of patients, at the very beginning of this outbreak, people were in a national panic, now most people including healthy people who live in Wuhan calmed down. Food shortage and turbulence which certain people expect didn’t happen. They lost the opportunity to take this regime down again. We are going back to the normal life. I can’t wait to visit my new company one week later, go hiking in the neighboring province, explore ancient buildings&temples and study in the public library in April.
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