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Story Thread


It came to my attention that some of you have writing abilities that you haven't been able to show to other people so I want to give everybody the opportunity to show their own writing even if it might be small in the form of a short story or maybe even a poetry story or Anyway you see fit in the way of writing. Show your talent.


Countless sakura blossoms drifted with the wind all around the school courtyard. Children filled the space, swapping buttons and taking photos with friends they weren't sure they'd see next year. The years spent in that school had come and gone in a flash, and next year the students would be facing high school exams. Coming from a high ranking middle school, the majority of the student body felt confident that they could land a spot in the high school of their choices, but deep down there was always the uncertainty of failure. Hanako, however, was not among them. Ichinose, Hanako had never tasted the bitter flavor of failure. She was the idol of the prestigious school, having long, silky raven hair, her bangs coming just past her well shaped dark brows. A single red ribbon adorned her hair. It too seemed to be perfect in how it dangled on the side of her head, waving laxidazily with the wind. Her skin was like flawless porcelain and her eyes were a shimmering pale blue, contrasting her dark hair perfectly. It was as if she was designed by hand. There were no imperfections about her appearance, not a hair misplaced. Even her everyday mannerisms were as poised as a dancer.

Not only was how outside beautiful, but so was she on the inside. Never forgetting her polite language, and always smiling kindly at others.

ok and i got bored

i like writing, but lose interest fast :o


So, in order to be able to sleep properly tonight, I decided to type up a rough draft of what one of my characters' "Lamia Forms" look like. And then because I'm tired, probably aren't thinking straight, and because why not, I'm posting both her "Humanoid" and "Lamia" descriptions here. Read if you want, or don't, they may or may not change by the time I get done writing it.


Her Humanoid Form's description, cutting off part of the first sentence:

".................the other, apparently, a beautiful woman in her mid to late twenties.

Through unseen speakers throughout the room, or perhaps by a form of magic that transmitted any sounds born of the center area evenly throughout the room so that anything an instructor might say would not be missed by any in attendance, the musical beats coming through an oval radio on the edge of the desk could be heard by all, neither too loud nor too soft. The lyrics were suggestive of the nature of strenuous adult-appropriate physical activity, and the beat was designed to dance to, as the woman was indeed currently doing. She had long, mostly straight, slightly wavy lavender-purple hair that came down her back just past her shoulders; her lips had lipstick of the same shade, and her eyes and fingernails had also been colored to match. Her facial features, framed beautifully by her purple hair, appeared to be Chinese, and her build was unquestionably of somebody athletic. A sleeveless black latex tube top with a zipper in the back was stretched tight over her ample bosom, and for several of those watching her in the crowd- an evenly mixed amount of men and women- it was pretty evident she wasn’t wearing a bra. She was, however, wearing brown deerskin elbow-length fingerless gloves with red beads embroidered into the back of the hands in the design of pentacles. With over half her midriff exposed, anybody watching could see her brown capri pants, which had three buttons and no zipper, with which she wore no belt, had the top two buttons unfastened, and as she danced and turned about on her own, little flashes of purple and lace could often be seen through the front of her rather tight lower apparel. On a nearby desk chair, a blue denim jean jacket had been casually slung across the back, white cotton socks, and a pair of military-style black leather tactical books, tall enough to reach halfway up to her knees, had been abandoned when the woman had started dancing barefoot. Several times, when she came out of a spin, or as she swayed and gyrated her body to the beat, she would often make eye contact with somebody who was watching her, as if she just so happened to notice them, and then she would show them a coy and seductive smile as she struck a promiscuous pose for at most a second before she returned to her dancing. Nearly every time, the person in question, be it guy or girl, would either blush, softly smile, and avert their gaze or stare open-mouthed and awe-struck as their eyes met hers, which, incidentally, were the same shade as her hair."


Her Lamia Form's description (with a slight edit so you don't know her name)

"With the sound of fabric shredding, -------------’s lower half, just an inch or two below her belly button, began to expand, convulse, and convert into her Mystical Lamia Form. From the tip of her head to the end of her tail, her entire body now measured forty feet and three inches in length, and the same lavender-purple shade of her hair and eyes was the shade of her scales. All along the sides from her waist to a tail a silvery-white ocean wave-like pattern outlined and framed the sides of the shining silver-and-onyx patterns going from her lower back down to the end of her tail, nineteen orblike symbols that seemed to resemble exactly the phases of the moon, starting with an onyx “new moon”, slowing turning more and more silver with each sequential orb until they formed the perfect silvery circle that was the full moon, then fading from silver to the shimmering onyx scales as the orblike patterns continued until the last one was again entirely a luminescent black onyx circle that seemed to resemble the new moon. The tip of her tail, just a few inches further down, was composed of thirteen alternating rings of lavender-purple, silver-white, and pitch-black onyx. Her arms had both elongated, making them around a foot and a half longer in length each, and her mouth had grown wider. The typical Lamia scales had shown up around her eyes and mouth, framing them, and the pupils of her eyes had become as slit-like as a cat’s. A purple scale-like pattern ran over the remnant of her skin, as if the veins themselves were glowing through her flesh, making the silvery-white horizontal scars running the entire length of both her forearms stand out ever the more, but only to make her seem more beautiful. If anything could be said to have marred the portrait of her gorgeousness, it started with the four long ragged black claw marks that nearly ran from forehead to chin on the left side of her face, which also appeared underneath her right arm and stretched down to her waist, where her scales began, and the pattern of four claw marks appeared in five more places along the length of her tail, including directly across the face of the “full moon” on the back of her tail."

This account has been suspended.

A Short Story I made about an Ant and a Lonely God:

There was once a little ant who was devout to his queen. Even though he was a scout, he would hunt for food everyday and always worked hard. One day, while on a hunt for food with his scouting group. The little ant and his group are attack by a predator, and he is the only survivor. The little ant was sad but said with tears “I must remain vigilant for I am far from home, I will make it back for my fallen friends.” With his final tears dropped, he continues marching until he reaches a long desert ruled by a lonely Desert God.

The God notices the little ant and out of boredom, decides to create craters in the ground for the ant to struggle in. The God drops the little ant into the crater of sand to see if it dies. But the Ant, to the surprise of the Lonely God, crawls his way out. The God tries again, hoping to see the ant be trapped, but the 2nd crater didn’t work. The third crater, was bigger, and yet the little ant persevered. At that point, the Sad God asks “Little ant, I keep setting traps for you to struggle to death, yet you keep getting out, Why?” The little ant answered “Mighty and lonely Desert God, it is because I want to return home for my fallen comrades, they fell to a predators attack. I will not rest until I return home for them.” The ant then asked “Now tell me Mighty One, why are you sad?”

Upon being moved by these words. The now Humble God responded “I had failed my followers in the past, and have gone into exile in this lonely desert after they all lost faith in me. I had given up on everything, but your resilience has now filled me with new inspiration” With that he then said “Come now little ant, let me protect you on your journey home.” With that the Desert God would smite all obstacles in the little ants way until he returned home. In return, the little ant gained a new friend, and the once Sad Desert God and The little ant were happy.

The End.

May 25, 21 at 8:58pm

Inside of this accursed cave I lay dying, looking upon the beast that threatened to destroy the world above. I had slain it, but in due time the wounds from the battle will take me as well. Through labored breaths I thought of all that had happened and will happen. I was just a simple man who came from the farmlands of the East who got caught up in this mess. I never thought that I would be the one to do something this important. Yet nobody will remember my name. Nobody will celebrate my deeds. Chances are that nobody will know what I have done this day, but that isn't important. I know what I did and that is what matters.

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