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What do you do when feeling down?

Been feeling pretty blue lately, so I was wondering how you guys cheer yourselves up on Gray days
Listen to music and waste my life away on league....usually end up getting so mad at the game i forget what i was upset about before
Yeah, I usually do music and/or games to. But it just seems so temporary. Like, it's just a distraction. When the game ends or the music stops, the problems are right there again
You can always find a hobby. I’ve done so much when I’ve gotten upset. Make amigurumis, hats, got really into cooking/baking, draw, paint, etc etc. it’ll keep you busy for long periods if you have something to work on
Listening to some music, either chill or something heavy as thrash metal. Or I just go on a walk to clear my head usually works for me.
Well when I'm down I usually find a little project to work on and just lose myself in, I'm the type of person who literally can't stop until they're finished once they get immersed in a task. I get so caught up in learning the ins and outs of the task and troubleshooting that I not only forget what I was depressed about, but I forget to eat too. :u
I'll look for new free ebooks(PDF files) online(I found this way quite useful to me! I was saved from depression attack last year because of an online warehouse of non-fictions),or look for gadgets/commodities on Taobao(probably I won't buy them)or look for unpopular anime/manga,or sleep or go walking outside listening to music when I feel depressed.Meanwhile, I will disappear from social media for some time
Get really immersed in a hobby or passion. Particularly one that improves you as a person and makes you feel better about the problems. Meditation and finding someone you like to talk to or hang out with helps as well.
^But what if you start feeling down again because you end up falling for the person you like to talk to or hang out with? :v
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