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Whats the first thing You'll do after Covid ends?


yo, dude... You seemed awfully insulted by my message. You also seem to be putting words in my mouth and assuming what I am trying to get across to you... What is with the hostility?

I never mentioned anything about your language ability.

I never mentioned anything about anime.

My entire message was basically: "I am just giving you the advice to try to keep yourself grounded." I have met many people that go on and on about Japan as a land of milk and honey, and I am not saying that you are one of them. I also have friends from plenty of different countries, with many of them dealing with cross-border issues like long-distance relationships or the idea of permanently moving to another very culturally different country (one of my best Japanese friends is in a long distance relationship with a Canadian girl, or a great Norwegian friend of mine wanted to move to Japan permanently, and he is ready, since he has passed the N1 [most Japanese natives can't even pass that] and has studied abroad in Japan multiple times, in multiple cities, over multiple years). Shit, I am not a stranger to long distance relationships myself, and if I really do find someone I want to share my life with that lives halfway around the world, I would do my best to have us together, even if it might end up with me leaving the US and assimilating into another culture to the best of my ability. I am just giving you the advice that you really need to keep a realistic outlook and expectation about the idea of moving to a country like Japan. The last thing you want is to get the "Paris Syndrome" when you visit, or if you do decide to go through with it, regretting permanently moving to another country, as that will make you feel even more out of place and alone.

If you have your heart set on it, go nuts.


@ahinkutsume leave it be, dont crap all over this man's dream. Some people will only learn through experience and telling them otherwise is just a waste of your time. I too have met people directly living in Japan that were American. Alot of places arent foreigner friendly. The people sometimes avoid foreigners, the stores sometimes ban you, and certain services are japanese only.

Let him learn on his own, maybe his experience will be different than everyone elses.


Lament that I won't have an easy excuse to isolate myself


I just want to go out to eat again, maybe even go to a bar.


Going to a hairmetal concert. I've gone every year for the last decade to Ratt, Skid Row, Dokken, Warrant among others. Can't wait for another good one to pop up. Friends are drawing up the plans for a trip to Japan, namely Osaka. We are trying to figure out the way to act in Japan since their culture is something completely different from that of Filipino, German, Russian and Jewish cultures that we are familiar with. Going to be interesting for sure.


Say "thank god it's all over now" several hours before becoming patient zero for Covid 21


Well the first big thing would be going to Poland.

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