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Something that you just don't understand?


Why anyone would try heroine in this day and age


..........Sexuality shaming


I still can't believe it's not butter!


why am i so attracted to 2d characters...


@xinmage I'm still waiting for 'I can't believe it IS butter!" Where it comes in a sardine can, and you open it up and something like this oozes into the room, shambling in strange geometries beyond human comprehension. But its budder.


Ah yes... the Eldrich horror that hails from a sardine can.


All hail the Eldrich horrors


People who claim to hate America while also living in America. How can one be so privileged they see the world around them in flames and still say thats better than your comfy lifestyle.


Why I only find success with crazy women or transgender women (I have nothing against transgender women, it just typically isn't my thing dating wise. Especially pre-operation). I have honestly given up with it. I was never interested in love before 27 and now I find myself back in that mindset, but for different reasons. I just for whatever reason do not fit in with whatever women want. I blame myself though. I am missing a quality others have. Id understand if I was desperate or depressed all the time, but its not that. I think I have a personality issue somewhere that probably radiates off me. I decided single life isn't so bad. You're able to focus on other stuff which is helpful.

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