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Something that you just don't understand?


Reality Shifting... Back in my day (lol) we called it dreaming.

The "science" behind it makes no sense and the whole thing is stupid.
I remember when I was Idk 14 I thought "I won´t be like my parents, I will always stay up to date with trends. Now I am at a point where I don´t care anymore.


When you are favorited by many, but actually feel like a solitary person by yourself too much in life.


Why guys call their girlfriends "old lady" or boyfriends "old man" this one guy introduced his girlfriend as old lady the other day at work when i asked how old she was she said I'm 26 he's 31........then wtf is he announcing you as old lady?!.. I don't get that I would hate being called old lady by my man ill call him "old dick "if he does.


I see your gross labels and raise you Mama/Mami and Daddy/Papi.


XD yeah yeah those too mostly a dom thing i raise you "oni chan" "big brother" "sis"



I just don't get the obsession with Harry Potter. I was the target age group when it came out and I thought it sucked. It was 5th grade and everybody was doing book reports on harry Potter and I was doing Combat Medic Vietnam. Now we have people having this disturbing obsession with the Harry Potter books and wanting to go to Hogwarts School. Why? It's school and newsflash, all schools suck.


The appeal of nendoroids is something that I don't understand. Why would I want to look at a grotesquely disfigured representation of my waifu with a ridiculously large head? How is that supposed to make me feel happy and/or aroused when I look at it? I don't feel like talking to it or worshipping it. I feel like punching it and throwing it away because it's some kind of ugly imposter!


How The Princess Bride is not more popular

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