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Something that you just don't understand?


@yaasshat isn't this also on the original Game Boy? I remember Metal Jesus Recommending it



Yes, and somehow allows for 16 players at the same time. Which means 16 Gameboys and 16 Faceball cartridges. Not to mention 16 people stuffing themselves in a single room thus violating fire codes.


Real life death match. Compete to see who truly will be the last standing!


Religion. I get the need to find a purpose in life.. but how is a deity a solution to this.
Regardless, if you are religious I accept and respect it. I just don't get it.


religion causes more problems than it does good imo


Disagreed with you on the other thread Rei but agree with you on this 100%.


knowing when people like you or hate you


I had never an issue with spicy food. Idk why.

Not really religious but did work with non-profit organizations related to the church. My parents never forced me to go to church and when I said I don´t want that anymore they never complained. Haven´t been really in church since I was like 12 or so.
Religion is stupid and I am more myself of an agnostic person but it felt good to collect money, sell goods or play theater to collect money to help people in need. I have no strong believers in my family, not even my grandma goes to church, that is probably why I have less issues with certain empathetic values of certain religion. I like the moral codes to treat everyone equal and with kindness and respect but I did never understand the need for an insitution like a church in this century and and certain traditions. That goes for any movement of religion.


In serious or dangerous situations. People that can't get their emotions in check. Start panicking, screaming, like bruh! Calm the fuck down. Take a chill pill. Stop for a second. Organize your thoughts. Then make a rational decision.

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