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Something that you just don't understand?


Cheating, betrayal, abandoning and lying. Mind you, with the audacity to hold a grudge on another for petty things and be baffled that they can no longer talk to you with civility.

Aug 30, 20 at 9:36am

I don't get cheating either. Either talk to your partner about what is missing in the relationship and how to fix it or break up with them. Catching your partner cheating would be much more painful to them than just breaking up.


How some people just refuse to take any responsibility in anything and have such a selfish outlook on life, that I will never understand. When a situation happens and even when it clearly was BOTH parties that were at fault but yet they deny that and say the other person was all kinds of crazy. Well, if you accepted that kind of behavior, I’m not saying it’s anyone’s fault, but what I am saying is it shows a lot about you and your inner problems too. And another thing I don’t understand is when people talk about mental illnesses like the people who have them are animals. Using words like “them, those people, etc.” it’s just rude. Everyone has something off about them and people who have the audacity to think that their above all people because they’re “normal” and they don’t want to be around “those people”. They’ll refuse to even talk to someone with mental illness but yet it baffles me how these people who act like this are often times the most unstable people I’ve met. People who are just freakishly “normal” confuse me, you wonder if they take a day off or are real people with real struggles


No, having someone else drag it out of them, that's much more painful. Being told they regret hurting you, but not what they did. Having them tell you they were going to tell you despite it going on for months, while you stayed at home with your and their child. Being told for so long everything was your fault only to find out it absolutely was not, that's much more painful. Being berated even still after the fact because you can't let go of the past, that's painful.

Don't mind my venting. XD


I don't get how some people confess their undying love to someone when they don't even know them well. They may start a whole SERIOUS relationship..Call it lust, attraction or infatuation but not love. Love is waaaaaaaay more than building a perfect image of that person just based on their looks..Most of those relationships don't last long when they discover 'sides' of that person or when there are problems because they didn't learn to communicate.


People that fall in love through texts. XD


Not everyone can convey their feelings through actions


@asheiji our love is real though

@amir_bahram some people believe that you can truly know a person this way and not have a need for a mask.


I'd understand if they really got to know each other well throught texting and been throught things together. I know people who met irl after that and even got happily married. But yeah I get what you mean..


@jc21095 Yes 100 % <3

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