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Something that you just don't understand?


What's something that you just don't fookin understand? Like, the thought of it just baffles you. You can't possibly imagine this being a thing but it is. It confuses you. It makes you question things. What is that thing for you?

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How the shittiest people can find life long partners. That just baffles my mind.


How there are many educated people who believe that the coronavirus isn't real right now..They seriously think that the deaths and cases are just numbers made up by the government , they try to spread their ideas too and get others to be careless. Makes me wanna inject the fucking virus into their bodies.

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Wife sharing. I just don't FOOKIN understand wife sharing. Let another do your wife cuz "love and marriage is not about sex but about love and trust. You can have sex with anyone as long you ONLY love your partner"
I'm sorry but what the fuck. I might only be a teenager but I KNOW this is WRONG.


Swinging is a big deal here. I have a friend that does it here with her husband. Almost like a sex cult. Weird shit.

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That and also open relationships.
Me and my friend were talking and he asked,
Her: So are you in a relationship
Me: No I'm not. And what about you?
Her: oh I'm in an open relationship.
Me: Oh, I've never heard of that before.
Her: so basically, we're in a relationship, but we're also seeing other people.
. . .
I looked it up and wow its a real thing. I'm shocked, confused and also angry for some reason. Why does this a thing?

Aug 30, 20 at 9:31am

Yeah, relationships can be an extremely complicated thing. I know for some couples that have been married for a long time their sex life just starts getting burnt out. For some couples there are two kinds of sex: sex without love, and romantic sex. One is just to fulfill a carnal desire and the other is fulfilling on a more mental level. You also have couples that love each-other but don't have an even amount of sexual desire. I guess some couples do a wife swap because it is between people they trust and not some random strangers. What I don't get is random sex parties between strangers.

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